Why Essential Oils....?

Why Essential Oils....?

Why do people use Essential Oils? There are so many reasons why people love essential oils! I began using oils years ago and over time I have learned many tricks and tips. Now I have a huge collection of oils and can't imagine life without them. I love the versatility and the healing qualities of the oils. What started out as a hobby soon became a passion. So why do I love essential oils....well I'll list them :)

1. The different scents - from lemon to frankincense there are so many scents to choose from!

2. To take a natural approach to skin care - Ever try tea tree for acne or rose water for redness and irritation?

3. To eliminate the chemicals we use in our everyday cleaning products....ei laundry detergent, dish soap, floor cleaner, wood polisher, ect.

4. Use alternative remedies to common aliments such as... common cold, teething, head aches, minor aches and pains, digestive issues, foot fungus, head lice, ect.

5. To center myself during stressful times - Lavender is great for relaxation, Patchouli is a perfect oil for grounding and centering.

6. Air purifier - Want to purify the air around you? Grab some lemon and start diffusing hunny!

7. Making blends - want to feel like a chemist or designer perfume maker? Start making your own blends! Love Lemon and Peppermint, blend them into a great signature blend and impress your friends when they come over..."wow it smells great in here" "Oh that's just my signature blend".

8. Learning more about oils - Once I got comfortable with using oils I became enticed to learn more about the oils. Where does lavender naturally grow? What does it look like? How long has lavender been used? What is lavender good for? Are there different kinds of Lavender? ect. 

9. Activity to teach my children - I love hearing my 2 year old daughter tell me "mommy we do oils?" I love being able to to involve my children in learning about natural remedies of using oils and hands on help me do mixtures. We talk about the different scents and which oils are good for what.

10. Changing the mood with different oils - For energy a citrus oil is a great choice, for calming lavender is always a go to, cleansing use frankincense, ect.

These are 10 reasons why I love using essential oils. If you are new to oils or are interested in great oils please check out our selection. I not only offer pure essential oils on Salientoils.com I also have a physical store located in Rochester MN. I love being able to help others with their health and wellness needs. 


- Larissa Rodriguez