3D Aromadelic Electric Oil & Wax Warmer


Creates a relaxing, colourful glow with a charming polka-dot pattern

Multi-coloured LED Light

Our beautiful 3D Aromadelic Electric Oil and Wax Warmer diffuser creates a relaxing, soft glow with a charming polka-dot pattern, warming essential oils evenly from the heat of a light bulb and creating an inviting and warm light source.

Product Features

Mirrored, polka dot exterior, light bulb, power cord, dish.

To Use:
  • Place the glass dish on top of the warmer.
  • Put ~2-3 tsp of water in the glass dish.
  • Put 3-5 drops of essential oil into the water (depending on desired strength).
  • Plug the power connection into a standard outlet and turn the dial switch "ON" - located on the oil warmer cord.
  • Give the dish several minutes to warm up and enjoy.

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