Salt Lamp Night Light & oils diffuser


A harmonious combination of Himalayan Salt and Aromatherapy

This beautiful and natural Himalayan Salt night light emanates a rich and soothing glow. When lit, the heat from the night light diffuses fresh and aromatic essential oils (essential oils not included) into your surroundings. 15W Light bulb included.

Weight & Dimensions: 370g 12.2cm (4.8") high

Note: Lights are individually handcrafted – salt colour, design and size may vary slightly.


  1. Before plugging in the light, ensure it is switched off.
  2. Plug night light into an exposed, indoor plug.
  3. Place 4-5 drops of essential oil into the diffuser.
  4. Carefully place the diffuser on top of the night light, ensure it is properly balanced.
  5. Switch on the light.
  6. Switch off the light and let the diffuser cool for several minutes before touching or removing it.
  7. Remove diffuser before unplugging the light from the wall.

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